Making a Freedom of Information Request

This page covers:

Before Making a FOI Request

Before making a FOI request to the Department for International Tax Cooperation, please review the Freedom of Information Unit website. Also review the document library and the disclosure log to see if we have already published the information you want.

For detailed advice on exempt information, please see the FOI Unit website:


What Your FOI Request Must Include

A FOI request must:

  1. Be in writing (letter, email or facsimile)
  2. Include your name and an address (either postal or e-mail)
  3. Where possible, include a contact telephone number
  4. Specify as clearly as possible the information being sought (include dates and other useful reference details)

Click here to download the Freedom of Information Application Form.


Submitting Your Request

You must submit your FOI request in writing by letter, email or facsimile. All requests must be submitted to the Department for International Tax Cooperation’s Information Manager at the following contacts:

Tamara Ebanks
Deputy Chief Officer & Information Manager
Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce and Environment
3rd Floor, Government Administration Building, Box 126
133 Elgin Avenue, George Town
Grand Cayman

FOI email:
Freedom of Information website:

Note: Information Manager Designate, Angela Mowbray, may also be contacted via email


Response to a FOI Request

The FOI Law requires public authorities to respond within 30 calendar days, and allows an authority to take an extension of an additional 30 calendar days, where needed.

The Department for International Tax Cooperation will acknowledge receipt of a FOI request to the address given and will advise in writing whether an extension is required in order to process a request.



The costs relating to FOI requests are set out in the Freedom of Information (General) Regulations.

There is no application fee for a FOI request. There is no fee for inspecting a record once access has been granted.

Fees may be charged for photocopies or for converting the information into a different format.

The Department for International Tax Cooperation does not accept credit cards or personal cheques.

Payments may be made by cash, wire transfers, drafts drawn on local commercial banks or International Money Orders/bank drafts payable to the "Cayman Islands Government". (There is a 15-day processing period for IMO's and international drafts).

This website forms the Cayman Islands The Department for International Tax Cooperation ’s e-publication scheme in compliance with section 5 of the Freedom of Information Law. 




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